Emily Ezust

<emilyezust at gmail dot com>

In 1995, while working on my MSc. at McGill in computer science, I began The Lied and Art Song Texts Page, which is now called The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive (a more accurate title but a bit of a mouthful). The project is a large, freely-accessible web archive of texts and translations to art songs and other vocal texts. Thanks to the help of over 900 volunteers, it provides a wealth of material.

A little about myself: I play the violin (amateur level) and enjoy chamber music. I play string quartets, quintets, and piano trios the most often -- and in 2007, Gary Bachlund very kindly dedicated a lovely and humorous piano trio to me. The Vancouver International Song Institute named me their 2011 Distinguished Art Song Champion and flew me in to enjoy and participate in a delightful mix of concerts, seminars, masterclasses, and discussion forums. A great honour!

Some random photos of my family and me:

  Talia, Aladara, and Emily
Talia, Aladara, and Emily, 2010 (New Hampshire)
  Aladara and Emily
Aladara and Emily, 2004
  Talia and Emily
Talia and Emily, 2004
  Gavriel, Aladara, and Talia
Aladara, Gavriel, and Talia, 2006

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