Usage in Cakewalk

To use the files in our collection that were prepared in Cakewalk, open a lyrics window for each track of text. Re-size the window to one wide, horizontal line (or as you wish). You can also open a staff window with the step-time or dummy tracks. There isn't much point in trying to view the real-time tracks as they will be hard to follow. The reason for having a step-time track for each vocal part should be clear: the tracks will reflect the score while the real-time tracks will follow the pianist's nuanced interpretation.

A singer has the option of muting the vocal track and singing along, or even making a .wav track while watching the words being presented in the lyrics window.

The main strengths of Cakewalk are not in its notation system, but it is handy and shows a decent vocal staff. Unfortunately, it does not as yet show grace notes, which are common in Lieder. Since the emphasis of this server is to promote vocal classical repetoire, the words are essential. Cakewalk is handy because you can get multiple languages and versions to present simultaneously in the lyrics windows. The annoyance is that they must be reopended for each play. Another irritation is that while the .kar Karaoke file format imports easily into Cakewalk as text, the words are not available in the lyrics window.

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