Guest Submissions: Introduction and Notes

We welcome submissions!

We have devoted a lot of time to adapting and enhancing material from elsewhere to ensure that it contains the features we consider basic (e.g., compatibility with Dual Window Karaoke (DWK) and Cakewalk). We are hereby establishing this new area for material that does not necessarily have all such features. We will try to carry these submissions as they come in. These can be considered works-in-progress.


We prefer, but do not require for this section, that a translation appear in an active track as is the norm on the main index. The translation does not necessarily have to be in English. When convenient, please put the translation on track 1 and the original on track 2 which is our DWK convention.
We prefer, but do not require for this section, that shaping efforts be made with step entry material to bring out musical values.

Unless and until we get buried in submissions (which we think we would welcome), we will try to post everything we receive. We would also like to correspond via e-mail ([email protected]) with the submitters about possibilities of adding further enhancements, general critiques, and discussions of possible future projects.

We are also contemplating the establishment of a discussion facility for techical and aesthetic matters pertaining to synthesized classical music. If we begin to get many original compositions, we will establish a special section for them.

We are particularly desirous of receiving real-time piano material from the Lieder repetoire. We would look to adapt this to our main index, but would likely waive the requirement for words temporarily here so that this section can be a way station to the final production.

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