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Wishlist - Texts and Translations

This list contains requests for texts and/or translations from visitors who cannot find what they need on the site. Can anyone help out? Please send an e-mail to Emily Ezust at the following address:

(emily at lieder dot net)

People making requests: Please use the subject "For the wishlist" and make sure you include pertinent information such as composer, text author, and title.

People fulfilling requests: First, thank you! Second, please use the subject "Fulfilled request" so it will stand out in my inbox. Also, please send an e-mail to let me know before you start work on something substantial -- it may be that I have just received it. I can mark entries as 'in progress' while you work as well.

You can view fulfilled wishlist requests starting January 2004. Requests that we have been unable to fulfill within a year are not shown.

Note: Translation requests are for an English translation unless otherwise stated

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