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The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive

Texts and Song Cycles by Title for all languages

These indexes include titles chosen by composers for their settings, titles given (when known) by the original authors of the texts, and titles of song cycles.

* A: [AA]   [AB-AC]   [AD-AG]   [AH-AL]   [AM-AQ]   [AR-AZ]
* B: [BA-BL]   [BM-BZ]
* C: [CA-CD]   [CE-CH]   [CI-CN]   [CO-CZ]
* D: [DA-DD]   [DE-DH]   [DI-DN]   [DO-DQ]   [DR-DZ]
* E: [EA-EL]   [EM-EZ]
* F: [FA-FL]   [FM-FZ]
* G: [GA-GL]   [GM-GZ]
* H: [HA-HN]   [HO-HZ]
* I: [IA-IL]   [IM-IZ]
* J: [JA-JL]   [JM-JZ]
* K: [KA-KL]   [KM-KZ]
* L: [LA-LD]   [LE-LH]   [LI-LN]   [LO-LZ]
* M: [MA-MD]   [ME-MH]   [MI-MN]   [MO-MZ]
* N: [NA-NL]   [NM-NZ]
* O: [OA-OL]   [OM-OZ]
* P: [PA-PN]   [PO-PZ]
* Q: [QA-QZ]
* R: [RA-RL]   [RM-RZ]
* S: [SA-SD]   [SE-SH]   [SI-SN]   [SO-ST]   [SU-SZ]
* T: [TA-TD]   [TE-TG]   [TH]   [TI-TN]   [TO-TZ]
* U: [UA-UL]   [UM-UZ]
* V: [VA-VL]   [VM-VZ]
* W: [WA-WD]   [WE-WH]   [WI-WN]   [WO-WZ]
* X: [XA-XZ]
* Y: [YA-YZ]
* Z: [ZA-ZZ]