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The LiederNet Archive
This website stores both public-domain AND copyright-protected material.
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Composer: Christian Wilhelm Heydenreich

Alphabetic listing of art song and choral settings in the database

[x] indicates a placeholder for a text that is not yet in the database
* indicates that a text cannot (yet?) be displayed on this site because of its copyright status.

Note: A blue rectangle containing a language code such as ENG indicates the presence of a translation to that language. A grey rectangle such as FRE indicates a particular translation (usually one set to music) exists but is missing.

All titles of vocal settings in our database, in alphabetic order

    * An den Mond (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) DUT ENG ITA FRE
    * An Mignon (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) DUT ENG FRE
    * Das Veilchen (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) DUT NOR SPA ENG DAN ITA FRE SWE ENG
    * Der König von Thule (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) DUT IRI POR SPA ENG ITA FRE FRE
    * Der Sänger (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) DUT GRE ENG ITA FRE
    * Nachgefühl (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) ENG FRE