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Lamento della ninfa

Language: Italian (Italiano)

Non havea Febo ancora
recato al mondo il dí,
ch'una donzella fuora
del proprio albergo uscí.

Sul pallidetto volto
scorgeasi il suo dolor,
spesso gli venia sciolto
un gran sospir dal cor.

Sí calpestando fiori
errava hor qua, hor là,
i suoi perduti amori
cosí piangendo va:

"Amor", dicea, il ciel
mirando, il piè fermo,
"dove, dov'è la fè
ch'el traditor giurò?"


"Fa' che ritorni il mio
amor com'ei pur fu,
o tu m'ancidi, ch'io
non mi tormenti più."

Miserella, ah più no, no,
tanto gel soffrir non può.

"Non vo' più ch'ei sospiri
se non lontan da me,
no, no che i martiri
più non darammi affè.

Perché di lui mi struggo,
tutt'orgoglioso sta,
che si, che si se'l fuggo
ancor mi pregherà?

Se ciglio ha più sereno
colei, che'l mio non è,
già non rinchiude in seno,
Amor, sí bella fè.

Ne mai sí dolci baci
da quella bocca havrai,
ne più soavi, ah taci, 
taci, che troppo il sai."

Sí tra sdegnosi pianti
spargea le voci al ciel;
cosí ne' cori amanti
mesce amor fiamma, e gel.

Translation(s): ENG

Submitted by Paolo Montanari


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The nymph's lament

Language: English

The Sun had not brought
The day to the world yet,
When a maiden
Went out of her dwelling.
On her pale face
Grief could be seen,
Often from her heart
A deep sigh was drawn.
Thus, treading upon flowers,
She wandered, now here, now there,
And lamented her lost loves
Like this:
- O Love - she said,
Gazing at the sky, as she stood -
Where's the fidelity
That the deceiver promised? -
Poor her!
- Make my love come back
As he used to be
Or kill me, so that
I will not suffer anymore. -
Poor her! She cannot bear
All this coldness!
- I don't want him to sigh any longer
But if he's far from me.
No! He will not make me suffer
Anymore, I swear!
He's proud
Because I languish for him.
Perhaps if I fly away from him
He will come to pray to me again.
If her eyes are more serene
Than mine,
O Love, she does not hold in her heart
A fidelity so pure as mine.

And you will not receive from those lips
Kisses as sweet as mine,
Nor softer. Oh, don't speak!
Don't speak! you know better than that! -
So amidst disdainful tears,
She spread her crying to the sky;
Thus, in the lovers' hearts
Love mixes fire and ice.

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