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Ty pomnish' li vecher

Language: Russian

Ty pomnish' li vecher,
kak more shumelo,
v shipovnike pel solovej...
Dushistye vetki akacii beloj
Kachalis' na shljape tvoej...
Mezh kamnej, obrosshikh
   gustym vinogradom 
Doroga byla tak uzka;
v molchanii nad morem
my ekhali rjadom,
k ruke prilezhala ruka!
V molchanii nad morem
my ekhali rjadom,
K ruke prilezhala ruka!
Ty pomnish' li rjov
   dozhdevogo potoka
i penu, i bryzgi krugom?
I nam nashe gore 
kazalos' daleko
I kak my zabyli o njom!

Translation(s): ENG

Submitted by Rianne Stam

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Do you remember the evening

Language: English

Do you remember the evening,
as the sea was turbulent
In the dogrose sang the nightingale
The sweet-scented branches of the acacia
swayed on your hat...
Dense grapevines grew rank
   between the stones 
The road was so narrow
Silently, above the sea
we rode side by side
Your hand lay in mine!
Silently, above the sea
we rode side by side
Your hand lay in mine!
Do you remember the roar
   of the rain-swollen stream
and foam, and spatter all round?
And to us our sorrows 
seemed far away
O, how we forgot them!

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Text added to the website between May 1995 and September 2003.