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Sent by BILL
Date: 2014-10-29 14:39:28 CST
Location: [empty]
Sent by Irene Smith
Date: 2014-10-29 09:33:03 CST
Location: [empty]
 It would be one thing if Ms Ezust were creating everything by herself but most of the material
 comes from volunteers so it is not her project any longer: it is a people's project like wikipedia
 and that means we all own it. As I said it is a world resource and nobody has disputed that and it
 would be silly to dispute it as well. We owe it to ourselves and our cultural legacies to protect
 it and ensure it survives. Again, it is too much for one person. I see no evidence that there is
 any board as you spoke of. Why? Is it secret? There is too much that is not explained, there is no
 transparency. Donations are solicited but no tax information is shown, because as nobody wants to
 admit this is not a not for profit or nonprofit organizaton but a for profit. Ms Ezust should not
 solicit donations without making it clear that it is not tax deductable.
Sent by william j halligan
Date: 2014-10-27 12:22:28 CST
Location: wenban funeral homes, lake forest,il 60045
 sympathy to the halligan family 
		 Kurt Kaefer
Sent by Lorna Kelly
Date: 2014-10-27 05:21:46 CST
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
 I present lieder concerts from time to time and find your site very helpful.
Sent by A.N.Nihan Turnagöl
Date: 2014-10-25 16:23:35 CST
Location: Turkey
 Very useful site. Thanks for helping to understand poems deeply. I would like to translate some of
 them in my language Turkish. How can I post them to you. They would be useful for everyone who are
 interested in Turkish language all around the world. Let me know, how to help to this web site
Sent by Barbara Miller
Date: 2014-10-25 00:32:59 CST
Location: USA
  Thanks for sharing your concerns, Irene. I would like to add some comments to those of Sharon
 Krebs in response:
  1. the resource could vanish someday because it is not an institution. 
 Even institutional resources can vanish if their funding dries up.  A one-person operation (if the
 person is skillful and diligent) can operate on a much smaller budget.  Emily seems to be getting
 by on ads and voluntary donations, which keeps it a free resource.
  2. value judgements are made on what to include and nobody is vetting them or could vet them.
 In the case of which texts are included, I think Sharon is correct in saying that the decision to
 include as much as possible is the most useful.  As for which translations to include and how
 correct they are, as a user, I have always taken into account	that the translations are submitted
 by volunteers, and there may be mistakes in them (I have seen mistakes in professionally published
 books of translations too). This is a good reason to give copyright credit to the translator, so
 you are covered if it's incorrect.  If you are presenting the translator's work as your own, and
 someone catches an error, then you deserve what you get.
  3. the look of the website makes it seem amateur with the content disproportionately high
 Personally, I would rather have a simple interface that works consistently and reliably, than a
 fancier one with bugs or anomalies, which abound on the web.  I can imagine some additional search
 resources (filters that would enable me to get a list of all texts by a particular poet set by a
 single composer, for instance) that would make the site easier to use, but that is a question of
 functionality rather than appearance. The presence of ads does clutter it, but if it keeps the
 resource free of charge, that's a tradeoff that I'm sure many art song lovers are willing to make.
  4. you need only look at IPA Source to see the disparity to a project with credentialled people
 Not being a student or faculty at a university, I am not able to access IPA source without
 travelling to a university library, so I can't compare them. But I don't think the issue is
 credentials so much as resources. The fact that Emily's personal hobby, funded only by donations
 and ads, and with content submitted by volunteers, is significant enough to be compared with a
 database that requires subscription fees from academic libraries, is a sign to me that it is an
 exceptional example of what the worldwide web makes possible.	
 Yes, there could be advantages to having a resource like this funded and managed by an institution
 (depending upon the institution).  If you can find one that would like to offer this kind of
 resource, maybe they should talk to Emily about buying it from her, if she's willing to sell it. 
 Then it would be a useful source for those who can afford to subscribe to it.	But, as a serious
 student and performer of art song who is no longer affiliated with an academic institution, I am
 very willing to give up clutter-free pages and professional translations in order to have a
 reliable and extensive resource that I can consult at any time.
Sent by [empty]
Date: 2014-10-23 12:13:02 CST
Location: [empty]
 you mean HONOURARY. Canada eh?
Sent by Don
Date: 2014-10-23 07:23:50 CST
Location: [empty]
 There's nothing to get, Rania. Smith and her flock are just being dunderheads.
Sent by Rania
Date: 2014-10-21 14:16:09 CST
Location: [empty]
 I don't get it. It say in the link she has masters degree in computer sci and this is compu sci
 project, large database project. What is credential she suppose to have?
Sent by [empty]
Date: 2014-10-21 06:32:54 CST
Location: [empty]
 why "honorary" then?
Sent by Felix
Date: 2014-10-19 19:53:23 CST
Location: Cleveland
 I'd sign a petition to award Emily an honorary doctorate, anyone know any good universities that
 might bite? Then she'll have some... wait for it... CREDENTIALS.
Sent by Sharon Krebs
Date: 2014-10-14 02:04:33 CST
Location: Victoria, BC Canada
 Dear Irene,
 Barbara Miller’s response to you should have been enough, but apparently it was not.  So I will
 try again.
 Your first point:
 Instead of flailing about in the guestbook, getting all aggressive about creating petitions, and
 making hurtful and unfounded remarks about Emily’s qualifications, why did you not simply send
 her a private email asking if she had made plans about the future of the site?  Your methods are
 frankly offensive.  You *never* acknowledge when you are in the wrong, nor do you apologize for
 your errors (I am referring to your statement, which has been refuted by numerous people, about
 how Emily cannot even read music).  Furthermore, if you were actually among those who make
 frequent and significant contributions to the site you would know that Emily consults these people
 when she is considering changes, and that she is, in fact, working on planning for the future of
 this site.
 Your second point:
 No one has ever pretended that this site only contained “good” songs.  It is an archive of
 song texts and translations.  There are numerous precedents, including the Hofmeister and Challier
 catalogues of the 19th century.  In both of those as well, no one vetted what was included.  To
 the best of the editors’ ability, everything that was published was automatically taken up into
 the catalogue.  One never knows what a given researcher will need for his/her particular project,
 and it is therefore much more academically sound to include everything.  Winnowing is the
 responsibility of the scholar, not the archivist.
 Your third point:
 I am extremely tired of hearing this comment about how the site looks.  The look of the site has
 never interfered with its usefulness to me as a singer and a scholar.	If you are a website
 designer, then please create something and submit it to Emily and her (unofficial) Board for
 consideration.  If you know any such people who would be willing to undertake that task for free
 (like the rest of us contributors do things), then please get them to create something and submit
 Your fourth point has been dealt with by others in the posts below.
 Please leave us alone now.
 Sharon Krebs

Sent by Bertram Kottmann
Date: 2014-10-13 11:35:57 CST
Location: Germany
 IS - It seems to be an idée fixe, wanting to heal a healthy system.
Sent by Guy Laffaille
Date: 2014-10-13 10:17:29 CST
Location: France
 Here texts and translations can be read free. It is not the case at IPA source.
Sent by Karen
Date: 2014-10-13 07:27:05 CST
Location: [empty]
 oh tut tut tut Smith! Don't you know IPA Source copies loads of texts from here? 

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