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Sent by Dan W McCarn
Date: 2014-09-30 04:07:07 CST
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
 This site alone, and all your efforts would easily be the outstanding goal of any musician or
 academician interested in Lieder form. In my mind, you have qualified yourself for far more than a
 Ph.D. in music with this incredible piece of work! Your site is great! Just 2 days ago, I found
 myself absently singing a Goethe Schubert Lieder "Heidenröslein" at the grocery store (my kids
 always warn me about this!) A 15 year old girl walked up to me with her mom and told me how nice a
 singing voice I had, but what was that lovely song? I told her it was a 200 year old song from
 Schubert and to look it up on your site for the English translation.
Sent by Liz Roberts
Date: 2014-09-29 22:37:39 CST
Location: [empty]
 I'm Liz and I put my last name in because you seem to think I'm not real with those quotes around
 my name. I did not ever say recmusic should take over. That was someone else, but seriously what
 is wrong with suggesting this is too important a resource to be entrusted to one person who should
 be maybe chief of the techsupport department for the org but not running the whole org. I don't
 know Irene Smith personally but to be candid I think she sounds a lot more rational than some of
 these psychophant fawners.
Sent by Maria Jette
Date: 2014-09-29 22:06:29 CST
Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
 Ha! Clearly this "Irene Smith" (along with her minion, "Liz") is some kind of prankster. If not, I
 look forward to seeing the site she cooks up herself. The fact that she acts as if she's unaware
 that Emily Ezust DEVISED the whole thing merely confirms my opinion that she's pulling our
 collective leg.
 Emily and everyone else, just this weekend I referred to this wonderful resource as an example of
 the sort of selfless action that prevents me from giving up on humanity. There are so many angry,
 self-absorbed, wrong-headed jerks out that that it's easy to get downhearted about our species; 
 but when I do, I think of Monteverdi's 1610 Vespers, or Handel, or this beautiful and incredibly
 valuable project. 
 Emily, I've thanked you in words a couple of times over the years, and for a while now I've had a
 standing donation sent monthly via Paypal ($5-- so about what most public radio stations consider
 a membership-- not sure why I don't just do a recurring $60 annually). I think it's time I bumped
 it up. Thanks, "Irene" and "Liz" for the nudge!
Sent by Nomer Son
Date: 2014-09-29 21:29:21 CST
Location: Philippines
 Commendable source.
Sent by James
Date: 2014-09-29 20:34:29 CST
Location: Tallahassee, FL
 Shame on Irene and her ilk for this brazen power play. This resource only "belongs" to the world
 because Emily has offered it through twenty years of her labor and love. It is hers, and because
 of her kindness (not any moral authority), it is ours. I don't come to your home and try to give
 all of your plants to someone with a botany degree, or insist that no one without a culinary
 degree should prepare dinner for your family, so with due respect (however much or little that
 is), kindly buzz off... or start your own site that does it better. And in 20 years, I'll be sure
 to come plant a flag in it. I'm sure you'll agree at that point that you are not qualified to
 continue running your resource and will yield it to me posthaste.
 Seriously, get your own gig. This is a despicable farce. For shame.
Sent by MMFiertek
Date: 2014-09-29 20:15:14 CST
Location: USA
 Dear Emily,
 Thank you so much for taking the time to aid singers all over the world.  It is so disappointing
 to see ungrateful comments and insulting suggestions. I only have four degrees in music, so we
 shall see if the public deems me worthy of saying thank you to you.
Sent by Barbara Miller
Date: 2014-09-29 19:53:36 CST
Location: USA
 OK, I'm both a musician and a computer programmer, so I hope my credentials will be acceptable to
 give this comment weight.  Hypothetically accepting the idea of a governing board for this site,
 could someone explain clearly and coherently *what* exactly that board would do and how things
 would be different? Would text submissions and translations have to be approved before being
 posted?  Would only certain songs or composers be included?  Would a committee redesign the user
 interface--and would that committee require programming credentials as well as musical ones
 (answer--if you don't have people with real programming experience on this committee it's doomed)?
  Or does the suggestion that a musician or musicologist (or a governing board of such people) run
 the site stem from a vague idea that things would be "better" because that's the way other things
 on the internet work? (When your tool is a hammer, everything can look like a nail.)  I want to
 know exactly what needs to be fixed and how this solution would fix it before I am accused of
 discounting someone's argument just because it's unpopular.  In the interest of full disclosure,
 you will find my name among the volunteers who have submitted texts and translations over the
 years (as a way of giving back to a resource that I have found useful myself), so I have an
 interest in seeing my work curated and made available to those who need it, as well as in having a
 resource that I can use for texts and translations when I need them.  Tell me how this proposed
 alternative would make it better than it is now.

Sent by Gaspar Caon
Date: 2014-09-29 18:56:36 CST
Location: Brazil
 The fact you don't have music credentials (as alledged) does not and will never disqualify your
 work with recmusic (which I find remarkable by the way). Doing and researching music is not like
 being a surger, engineer or pharmacist. A mistake in music will not kill people nor jeopardize
 lives. Mistakes will be corrected in time as they are detected, thanks to the collaborative work
 of the community. If some people want specialists in music to lead recmusic, then make them
 contribute like anyone else does, I'm pretty sure Emily Ezust will give great value to such
 fine information. However, it is her original work and, and even the finest scholars in the area
 should recognize the relevance of recmusic. Beyond that, the only reason (beyond doing trolls)
 someone would suggest an overthrow in recmusic is for financial reasons, which is exactly what,
 say, Monsanto is doing with patenting its transgenic seeds.
Sent by Katrina Lykes
Date: 2014-09-29 18:09:35 CST
Location: USA
 Ms. Ezust's labor of love has helped so many. She does this for no pay and with little
 recognition, except for those who volunteer their services or donate to help her fund this
 project. What difference would it make if she were a musicologist or a singer? I've met many a
 music professional with less knowledge, passion, and ambition than Ms. Ezust. We are experiencing
 real issues in the arts at this moment in time: schools are cutting music ed. programs, orchestras
 and opera houses are shutting down due to financial difficulties, and many musicians find
 themselves working for very low wages with little or no benefits. I suggest that those who are
 targeting Ms. Ezust use their obviously superior and considerable knowledge of music to address
 these very important and pressing issues instead of arguing over a woman's personal, free project.
Sent by Chris MacRae
Date: 2014-09-29 17:34:22 CST
Location: US/Canada
 Whatever her background, personal or professional, she has twenty years of hands on practical
 experience in building, compiling, coding, maintaining, and paying for the site. 
 If "Irene's" argument is to stand, then I guess Charles Ives' music is crap, as he was only an
 insurance salesman, and Berlioz should be burned as he never studied orchestration.
 It sounds more like jealousy than anything else, so I would suggest that if "Irene" wants to run
 and proctor such a site, she start her own.  The original texts are public domain, but the
 translations, layout, and code, are private property protected under copyright. 

Sent by Brooke
Date: 2014-09-29 16:59:56 CST
Location: [empty]
 This is Emily's project and a labor of love. There are no rules or requirements for how this is
 run or by whom. She is doing all of us a great service by compiling this information. I am a more
 informed singer because of the easy access I've gained to resources from this site.
 Attacks on her credibility are both ignorant and ungracious. The suggestion that someone's pet
 project should be taken over by some governing board is patently absurd. It's the equivalent of
 saying that your neighbor who builds model trains in his garage is unqualified to do so because he
 is not an engineer, and then insisting that he needs a panel of qualified experts if he wishes to
 continue his hobby.
 If you find fault with the quality of the information available on this site, don't use it. But
 don't attack Emily for finding joy in a project that also provides a valuable service to the rest
 of us.
Sent by Ellie Simon
Date: 2014-09-29 16:18:42 CST
Location: [empty]
 Irene Smith, are YOU a musicologist or a singer or someone you might call an ``insider''?
Sent by Guy Laffaille
Date: 2014-09-28 13:27:17 CST
Location: France
 The Anonymous could create this petition!
Sent by Natasha
Date: 2014-09-28 11:44:42 CST
Location: [empty]
 yes please do make a petition so we will know how many will need to be invited to register in
 remedial logic course immediately!!!
Sent by Liz
Date: 2014-09-28 07:13:55 CST
Location: [empty]
 Will someone start a petition and present it to the recmusic foundation.

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