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To request a custom-made text-and-translation document suitable for a concert program or CD booklet, request help contacting translators to secure permissions, submit translations or texts, request a text/translation, or send a private message to the owner of this website, please send an e-mail to Emily Ezust at the following address:

(emily at lieder dot net)

When submitting material, please provide as much information as possible, such as:

    * Source of text (music score, book, CD booklet, internet poetry site, concert program, etc.) - if a score or book, bibliographical information is appreciated
    * Setting instrumentation
    * Dates of composition and/or publication, for the setting and the text, if possible.
    * Textual changes that might have been made from the original text
    * Composer and Text Author information if missing from the website
If you are submitting a text, search for the first line to make sure the text doesn't already exist in the collection - often the same text is set under many different titles.

Please do not send copyright translations (from CD booklets or published books) unless you have obtained permission for them to be reproduced on this site.

You may reprint (off-line) any translations by Emily Ezust for free concerts without asking permission provided the following credit is given:
         Translation copyright © by Emily Ezust,
        from The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive:

For all other purposes, including CD booklets, re-publication online, and reprinting in non-academic programs, please contact for rate information.

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