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The LiederNet Archive
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Composer: Paul Claussnitzer (1867 - 1924)

Listing of art song and choral settings by opus [warning - not necessarily comprehensive]

[x] indicates a placeholder for a text that is not yet in the database
* indicates that a text cannot (yet?) be displayed on this site because of its copyright status.

Note: A blue rectangle containing a language code such as ENG indicates the presence of a translation to that language. A grey rectangle such as FRE indicates a particular translation (usually one set to music) exists but is missing.

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Song Cycles, Symphonies, etc.

All titles of vocal settings in our database, in opus order (without opus first, alphabetic)

    * op. 2. Sieben kleine Chöre für vier Männerstimmen
        * no. 1. Melancholie (Text: Heinrich Heine) DUT CAT ENG ITA FRE SWE ENG ROM
        * no. 2. Bester Rat (Text: Franz Alfred Muth)
        * no. 3. Abschied (Text: August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
        * no. 4. Warte (Text: Heinrich Heine) DUT CAT ENG ITA FRE
        * no. 5. Serenade (Text: Heinrich Heine) SPA ENG ITA FRE POL DUT SWE ENG
        * no. 6. Im Hochland (Text: Ferdinand Freiligrath after Robert Burns)
        * no. 7. Der Zimmermann (Text: Heinrich Heine) DUT CAT RUS ENG ITA FRE SWE ENG FRE
    * op. 8. Fünf Abendlieder für Männerchor * op. 13. Drei ernste Lieder
        * no. 3. Der Zimmermann (Text: Heinrich Heine) DUT CAT RUS ENG ITA FRE SWE ENG FRE