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Brezulinka: [Drei] Jiddische Lieder

Song Cycle by Viktor Ullmann (1898 - 1944)

1. Berjoskele [
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Language: Yiddish


Ruik, ruik, shokelt ir geloktes grines kep!
mayn vaysinke Beryozkele un davent on a shir;
yedes, yedes, bletele irs sheptshet shtil a tfile.
Zay shyn, kleyn Beryozkele, mispael oykh far mir.

Fun vaytn mayrev hot zikh troyerik farganvet
in di dine tsvaygelekh a rozer tsarter shtral;
un a shtiln kush getun  di bletelekh, di kleyne,
velkhe hobn dremlendik gehorkht dem nakhtigal.

Fun di vayte felder iz a vintele gekumen
un dertseylt di bletlekh legendes on a shir,
epes hot in hartsn tif bay mir genumen benkn.
Zay shoyn, klein Beryozkele, mispalel oykh far mir.

Submitted by Ferdinando Albeggiani

2. Margaretkelekh

Language: Yiddish


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3. א מיידל אין די יארן

Language: Yiddish


Ikh bin shoyn a meydl in di yorn
 . . . . . . . . . .

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currently in the database but will be
added as soon as we obtain it. ---]

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