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Deux mélodies hébraïques

Song Cycle by Maurice Ravel (1875 - 1937)

1. Kaddish [
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Language: Aramaic (ܪܡܝܐ)


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Yithgaddal weyithkaddash scheméh rabba be'olmà
Diverà 'khire' outhé veyamli'kl mal'khouté'khön,
ouvezome'khôu ouve'hayyé de'khol beth yisraël
ba'agalâ ouvizman qariw weimrou, Amen.
Yithbara'kh Weyischtaba'h weyith paêr
weyithroman weyithnassé weyithhaddar
weyith'allé weyithhallal
scheméh dequoudschâ beri'kh hou,
l'êla ule'êla min kol bri'khatha weschi'ratha
touschbehata wene'hamathâ daamirân ah!
Be' olma ah! Ah! Ah! We imrou. Amen.

Note: this is the French-style transliteration used by Ravel.

Submitted by Ferdinando Albeggiani

2. L'énigme éternelle [
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Language: French (Français)
Translation(s): ENG


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    * ENG English (Laura Prichard) , title 1: "The eternal enigma", copyright © 2013, (re)printed on this website with kind permission

Monde tu nous interroges
Tra la tra la la la la ...
L'on répond:
Tra la la la la la la ... 
Si l'on peut te répondre
Tra la la la tra la la la 
Monde tu nous interroges
Tra la la la la la la...

Submitted by Auditorium du Louvre

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