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DWK (Dual-Window Karaoke), written by Vincenzo Palleschi, is a MIDI player for Windows that shows synchronized lyrics in two windows during play. This program is especially useful for our purposes since our policy is to provide an English translation to our non-English offerings.

DWK is distributed under the shareware system, which allows you to evaluate this program for 30 days; after this period is expired, you are expected either to register your copy or stop using it. Our offerings are now and will be closely designed to work with this utility. In addition, the REC Music Foundation plans to cover the registration fee to contributors of material to the Classical Midi With Words page.

Registration will cost you 20 US$ (or equivalent in other currencies).

Although the author has decided to distribute a fully funcional copy of DWK (you can test all the characteristics which you will find in the registered version), the evaluation copy will not allow you to save your Preferences. Upon registration, this limit will be removed. Moreover, you will acquire the right for a free upgrade whenever the next version of DWK comes out.

To register, please use the Register command in the DWK Help menu. You can choose among many different ways of registration (check, credit card, cash, etc.); please follow instructions of the registration program and mail (either in standard or electronic form) the relevant information to the Kagi registration service.

Suggestions are welcome. The author can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]

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